Design Build Excellence is a knowledge sharing organization focused on educating and training the next generation of professionals through an interdisciplinary approach.

The first Design Build Excellence Programs were launched in 2015.

Design Build Excellence is a collective of Architecture Engineering and Construction [AEC] industry professionals of all levels, experience and points of view. 

Design Build Excellence aims to accelerate professional development at all levels through continuous learning. 

The Design Build Excellence platform is organized into two basic learning formats. X-Training Programs and Professional Presentations.

X-Training is organized into a series of programs of a single topic. Sessions are a mix of interactive seminars, on-site walkthroughs, factory tours, round-table discussion and team exercises. X-Training sessions are held in-person as well as virtually.

Presentations are a series of informative and thought-provoking lectures with defined learning objectives given by industry leaders in their respective fields. Presentations are held in-person as well as virtually.

The Design Build Excellence programs are developed, organized and hosted by the DBE partnering company leaders.

The Design Build Excellence participants are chosen by each of the DBE program’s partnering company leaders.

Anyone. You are encouraged to register through the link found on the website’s Presentations page.

Design Build Excellence promotes interdisciplinary collaboration. With the belief that understanding the roles, responsibilities and points of view of each  team member is the foundation to achieving a sustainable design and construction process, DBE endeavors to optimize our resources, improve project delivery, encourage greater teamwork, improve communication, heighten safety awareness and strengthen our relationships through trust and respect.

Your time is our most valuable asset. There is no cost to join. Please reach out to DBE through the website’s Contact Us form with your ideas.