At the Firehouse, the DBE community comes together annually to celebrate the people that define the organization. The evening commences with words from champions and leaders, highlighting goals reached and collective ambitions. The Firehouse event is the ideal opportunity for the Design Build Excellence community to strengthen relationships and conceptualize the future of the organization.

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DBE Award

Everyone involved should get an award, seriously. 

But we like seeing your expression when we hand you an award at a party, it’s our thing.

We appreciate all who have pushed the content further, promoted the program and administered the sessions.

Design Build Excellence would not be possible without you.

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Beth Barton Award

  1. Be authentic.
  2. Take ownership.
  3. Build relationships.
  4. Seek to learn.
  5. Have grace under pressure.
  6. Information is powerful.
  7. People don’t hear and read the same as you.
  8. Open your mind when finding solutions.
  9. You want management to be on your potential.
  10. Stay introspective.
  11. Our clients trust us.
  12. Bring your a-game every day.

The Beth Barton Award recipient embodies the values shared by Beth and DBE: teamwork, trust, collaboration and respect.

The Award is given annually to an individual who in their own professional career continues to further Beth’s philosophy and leadership values.