DBE X-Training is a collection of programs defined by a single topic. Each program lasts several weeks and is arranged in training sessions developed by DBE partners. Interactive seminars and on-site walkthroughs are the foundation of the program sessions. Factory tours, round-table discussion, recommended learning and team exercises supplement the format. X-Training is a unique experience for leaders and participants to explore cross-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary approaches to design and construction starting with understanding individual roles and responsibilities.

AKF Emerging Leaders Academy

The AKF Emerging Leaders Academy is a six day program spread out over eight months. The goal is to help


The Interiors program emphasizes the design, engineering, fabrication, and construction of work found within the building and explores materials, estimating, fabrication and code compliance.

Building Envelope

The Building Envelope program is focused on studying high-performing building enclosures through a multi-disciplinary format by exploring the design and construction of a building envelope.

Collaborative Site Investigations

Collaborative Site Investigations focus on discussing and learning about prevention and design from start to completion of construction operations through recurring active jobsite walk-throughs.

Design Studio Collaboration

The Design Studio Collaboration program is structured for greater participant contributions and increased opportunity for interaction through a mock RFP that simulates current industry challenges.


The Foundations program explores the design, engineering and construction of underground work, exploring subsurface investigation, SOE, environmental impacts, site monitoring, and site logistics.

Intern Career Discovery

The Intern Career Discovery program educates interns on design and construction through a summer long multi-discipline program that is taught by various industry leading partners.

JB&B University

JB&B University is a curriculum of MEP classes spanning over two semesters comprehensively studying aspects of MEP systems throughout construction and design. The sessions are produced and delivered b

Retrospective Walk-Throughs

Retrospective Walk-Throughs are conducted at completed or nearly completed job sites. Led by onsite staff, these walkthroughs are intended to provide training to the industry's young professionals.

Vertical Transportation

The Vertical Transportation program tackles the coordination efforts faced in constructing a VT system by creating an open forum to discuss all the factors required for a successful system.